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Dark Souls 2 Cheats Trainer Tool

Cheats And Trainer For Dark Souls 2

 Dark Souls 2 Cheats Trainer

Dark Souls 2, one of the toughest games ever released

If any game needs its own cheat program, then it would be Dark Souls 2. Its difficulty is now almost legendary, and it is best known as fantastic, uncompromising, ruthless game which offers incredible gameplay, graphics and feeling, but in the same time punishes every player’s mistake. Its rising difficulty is also something completely opposite to modern trends of making easy games without real challenges. It is no wonder why only really good players can play this game, and finish it. But even for them, incredible difficulty can sometimes be so much of an obstacle that they would gladly use some help. Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool is not so much of a cheat tool as it is kind of trainer tool. It would be probably more accurate to call it Dark Souls 2 Trainer tool. Its features are aiming to help the player with developing his character to its maximum.  But it would be not so much of a cheat if we wouldn’t offer maximum help to players. Read on to find out more about Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool and its features! If you want to find out more about this game click here.

How to use Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool

Dark Souls 2 Trainer is actually so simple to use, you would need only few minutes to find out for yourself how to use it. However, it is easier to just use our guidelines and start the tool after reading this text. After starting Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool for the first time, please leave it for a few seconds to just run in the background. Our cheat tool has its own auto update option, and we release regular updates on our home site.  This is important, especially after some major update to the game. If you need to disable auto update, you can open the options from main menu to turn it off. Assuming you just opened Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool, first thing you need to do is choosing your gaming platform. At this moment Dark Souls 2 Trainer has installed support for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game. Just choose your gaming platform and enter your profile name in the empty text field below.  Last step is pressing the “Connect” button. You can see the green bar filling up to 100% and message “Connected” showing up as a signal that Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool successfully accessed the game server and found your account on it. After that you can proceed to using Dark Souls 2 Cheats features. When you are done with processing your character, just press “Start hack” button in lower right corner of the window. You can follow the progress of Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool on progress bar in the lower left corner of the window. When our program successfully finishes hacking of your gaming account, the message “Finished” will appear under the progress bar, signaling that you can close the tool and start the game. You newly made enhanced character will be in game, ready to fight. In case you encounter any problem, like not getting the souls added by Dark Souls 2 Trainer tool, the most usual reason is that your game was running in the background while you were using the program. For any changes made by Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool while game was running, you need to restart the game and login again to activate those changes.  Other than that, our program is guaranteed to work 100% safe and efficiently, and with regular auto updates, it will remain like that as long as you are playing this fantastic, but extremely difficult game.

Available Features In This Dark Souls 2 Trainer

Is previously mentioned, Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool is more of a trainer tool. In short, the features from our tool make it possible to create unique customized character for the game, with many cheats included. When you are finished with choosing your gaming platform and allowing Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool to connect to the game server and to your gaming account, you can finally proceed to character settings. First part is choosing basic character settings. These include Gender, Class, starting gift (including all hidden gifts), and choosing your physique. Unlike most of the players think, choosing physique does not influence your character’s physical abilities, nor does it give any special powers to him or her.  Its influence is purely cosmetic, but even in this section you have access to some of the physiques not available in the original game. Next step is more interesting, we suppose, because we are moving to additional features of the character. First you need to enter his or her name. You can also choose a covenant from any of the nine available covenants in the game.  One of the more interesting features in this section is setting the starting number of your souls. You can enter any number between 1 and 9.999.999 souls to begin the game with.  As being the only and most important currency in the game, this hack is of great importance.  Another feature in this section which can be very interesting is Unlock of all Warp bonfires. This feature includes all bonfires in the game including the special ones and hidden ones. This allows you to teleport around whole game from the very beginning.  Next step is hacking of all personal traits and level of your character. In original game, maximum level is 838, if you set all your stats to 99 which is game maximum. You can fix your maximum level by using Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool, although it will make no differences in your stats and abilities. If you want real changes, you can change your HP, or any other ability. Maximum hp can be fixed to go as high as 99.999 (instead of 2505 which is normal maximum value), and every other character ability can be hacked to become superhuman. With hacking any of desired character stats, your hero can become extremely powerful, or invulnerable. You can even fix humanity so it doesn’t drop after death, although, if you use Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool, we guarantee you can’t die in this game! If you want to get more tips and tricks or find out more about this game, check our whole website.

 Dark Souls 2 Cheats Download Instructions

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Basic tactics in Dark Souls 2

Basic tactics in Dark Souls 2

 Dark Souls 2 History

What can you learn about Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 is fantastic game. It is also one of the most difficult games ever made, especially when you look at today’s trend of making games easier, but more repetitive or money-dependent. Most games today require little or no skill, and usually offer the possibility of using cash to buy in-game advantage such as better gear, special abilities or stats boost. Dark souls 2 has radically different approach, which reminds more of old school games which were all coming with limited number of lives or tries, increased difficulty and awesome and long boss fights. Even though Dark Souls 2 Cheats tool offer great help for this game, you need to know at least basic tactics and survival techniques if you really want to enjoy in this masterpiece. If you also decide to limit the use of Dark Souls 2 trainer and try to achieve most challenges by yourself, it is even more important to use proper tactics and strategy in order to survive and move on through the game. We wanted to write a series of articles about tactics, but also about some tips and tricks you can use for easier playing, regardless of whether you are using Dark Souls 2 Hack tool or not. In this article we will cover the most basic mechanism in the game, and that is defensive combat.

How to survive in Dark Souls 2

Even before starting the game, you should know something about basic fighting moves. Combat is essential part of Dark Souls 2, and even with the use of Dark Souls 2 Cheats, you must know how to fight if you want to play this game and enjoy it. The basic (and most surprising to most players) fact in Dark Souls 2 is: every enemy in the game is lethal, and can kill you easily. This is hard to understand in era of games which are mostly cakewalk until some bosses who are more or less hard to beat. In Dark souls 2, every enemy can kill you, even those most basic ones, usually called trash or trash mobs in other games. Well, in Dark souls 2, the trash is lethal too. Knowing your defense is even more important than knowing your offense, which depends mostly on your combat style and so called character build. There are three basic defensive moves in Dark Souls 2: dodging, parrying and spacing. Dodging is actually rolling in different directions. It can be rolling toward the enemy, away from him or even sideways. There is also backward jump which is used for dodge. Dodge is better than parry for means of avoiding damage. When you successfully dodge an attack, you receive no damage from it at all. Dodging also doesn’t lose Poise, but in return it spends your Stamina. Parrying needs shield or parrying dagger with which you parry or deflect attack. Parry doesn’t prevent all damage, instead in reduces it by certain amount. Spacing is simply keeping your character out of reach of enemy’s attack.

Character Classes

 Character Classes In Dark Souls 2

 Dark Souls 2 Character Classes

Available Classes in Dark Souls 2

There are some major differences between Dark Souls 2 and its predecessor. One of them is number of classes available for player to choose. In first Dark Souls player could choose between 10 classes, and in Dark Souls 2 there are eight classes available, with two of them completely new, the Explorer and Swordsman. To create a class, player should head to the Things betwixt Zone and look for a hut near the beginning of the map. There he can choose one of eight classes and also select one Gift to start with. Classes in Dark Souls 2 are Warrior, Knight, Swordsman, Bandit, Cleric, Sorcerer, Explorer and Deprived.

How to choose right Class for your character

Choosing right class in Dark Souls is mostly dependable on your game style. Every class is good in its own field, so it is up to player to choose class corresponding to his general play style. Only exception is Deprived class, which starts on level 1, without any starting equipment. That might look like awful class to start with, but starting new character without stats distributed has its own benefits. More experienced players who like to mix classes can go for deprived, as they have complete control over the character development from the very start of the game and can make some hybrid class which would be almost impossible when choosing premade class. Warriors and Knights are for players who will go melee range for combat. They wield one handed weapons and shields and rely heavily on parries for defense, which is very good since parry timing is much easier than other defensive moves. They also can carry two handed weapons for increased damage, but in that case player must be ready to dodge instead parrying, which is more difficult with heavy weapon equipped. If you really want to try yourself in combat with full dodge for defense, it is best to choose Swordsman class. His specialty is two weapons which can be switched in combat to best confront incoming enemies. Another melee class is Cleric, although technically he is caster class, but if you like melee battles and want to rely heavily on defense and healing, Cleric is probably the right class for you. He has excellent defense abilities and some healing spells which can help in combat and between encounters. This is character class with longest survival time in game which can help for extended exploring without stopping at fire and resetting all enemies around. Two classes which rely on long range combat are Bandits and Sorcerers. Bandits are best suited for bowman. In most combats against normal enemies fighting with long range weapon can we valuable advantage, but some bosses in game will punish you heavily for wielding a bow against them. Sorcerer is also ranged class, which relies on fast, but medium ranged attacks. They also have advantage over bowmen since their Soul Arrows can replenish at will. Explorers are only class which advantage is extra gear to start with. Since you can find most of it during game, we don’t recommend taking this class and losing stats for some extra gear. Click here if you want to read more about character classes.

Dark Souls 2 Game History

History of Dark Souls 2

 Dark Souls 2 History

Dark Souls 2 history

Dark Souls 2 is harder, better, more intimidating, more beautiful and even more challenging game than its predecessor, Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2 is developed and released by From Software in Japan, while Bandai Namco Games is signed as publisher for rest of the world. This game is released for MS Windows, PS and Xbox platforms. First time Dark Souls 2 was announced was at Spike Video Game Awards in 2012. Although Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, wasn’t in charge of Dark Souls 2, he still was around as game supervisor while game directors were Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura. Dark Souls 2 introduced new AI of enemies who were supposed to react to all players’ actions with different moves. Also, new graphic engine which was introduced was the main reason for the delay of PC version which needed to be further optimized. Although developers announced at first there would be no additional Downloadable content packs (or DLC packs), new rumors are that players should expect some DLCs for this magnificent game. Game received massive positive feedback upon release, with all marks above 90% out of 100%. Even with notorious game difficulty, which was even worse in Dark Souls 2 thanks to the new system for punishing repeating deaths of player by lowering his maximum hit points, players were attracted with game content, graphics, and story. These high marks show that players are still looking for pure quality in game, and increased difficulty (bordering with frustration sometimes) can be the factor which will increase joy and satisfaction gained after beating opponents and finishing whole game.

Dark Souls 2 Difficulty

Original Dark souls franchise is unique action role playing video game in open world environment and was remembered for its unforgivable style of play and extreme difficulty unlike any other game today. All new games tend to become easier and faster, with instant game saves and frequent checkpoints to make things even easier for a player. Don’t know if you noticed, but today all games start with normal difficulty as lowest. Usually first difficulty level is normal, next is hard or veteran, and only some games have third level of difficulty usually called Hell, Nightmare or something like that. It is no secret that in fact game developers make their games easier in order to maximize the number of players, at the same time trying to hide that fact by completely avoiding mentioning “easy” level and renaming it to “normal”. Games with endless tries, learning on mistakes and mastering your skills for hours before finally killing the boss are history today. Well, developers of Dark Souls 2 are certainly old school gamers, and they didn’t forget what drives a true player: urge for perfection. And to finish Dark Souls 2, a player needs to play his best, perfect game. We are sure that Dark Souls 2 Cheats and Hacks will make playing much easier for all other players who don’t like endless tries before success.